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Football boots are a fundamental part of the goalkeeper's equipment. Similar to the gloves, the grip is playing a decicive role for football boots, too. But while gloves need grip when touching the ball, the boot's grip is important for explosive reactions without slipping off on different grounds. During the last years, brands like Nike, Puma and Adidas launched different outsoles to guarantee the mentioned grip. Abbreviations like FG, SG, AG, TF, IN and HG represent special outsoles for each particular condition. The FG-sole (Firm Ground) is probably the most preferred outsole. This outsole performs excellently on dry and wet (not yet muddy) natural surfaces.
We simplified your shopping by splitting the football boots in suitable footwear for grass pitches on the one hand and hard grounds on the other hand. Moreover you can filter your shoes by metal studs, rubber studs, short studs or indoor sole. You can also choose colour, brand and your size in the options on the left to find your favourite shoe.
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