Goalkeeper Gloves

The goalkeeper of the english national team at the World Cup 1970, Gordon Banks, was probably paving the way for today's goalkeeper gloves. He was one of the first keepers, who used gloves that were manufactured especially for goalkeeper's needs. In the seventies the company Reusch developed in cooperation with Sepp Maier the first goalkeeper gloves that were not just protecting the hands but also helped the goalie catching and controlling the ball.
Meanwhile a multitude of brands is available on the market. In our shop we can offer you goalkeeper gloves by Adidas, Derbystar, Erima, HO Soccer, Jako, Nike, Puma, Reusch, Sells, Stanno, Uhlsport and Umbro.
In the course of time the technology proceeded quickly. Nowadays the producers develop special gloves for several surfaces. Gloves for rough grounds like artificial grass or hardground usually own a harder foam that offers more durability but less grip qualities than a soft foam developed for natural grass. In our shop you can use filter options to choose comfortably the ground you're usually playing on, so you can be ensured to find the proper glove for you. Same options work of course for special gloves for rainy conditions.
Probably the most famous protection function of goalkeeper gloves are the optionally integrated sticks; also known as Fingersave. These sticks prevent the fingers from overstretching while defending strong shots. This technology is quite popular among amateur keepers. Professional goalies often forgo the Fingersave to achieve more flexibility in their movements.
Similar differences between amateurs and professional keepers occur when regarding the glove's cut. Professionals often use the negative cut, which has got a tight fitting foam that guarantees a good ball control. Players in lower leagues usually like a positive cut. This cut enlarges the palm and the catching area on the glove. Especially in Great Britain the rollfonger cut is pretty popular. That means the glove's foam is rolled around the finger and sewed to the upper hand without distracting seams on te palm.
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