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Goalkeeper gloves made by reusch

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Its G2 Ultrasoft cover offer an optimum grip at dry and wet conditions. Due to the addition of different components it is extremely abrasion resistant at the same time. Features such as ProFlex for movability, AirVentSystem for sufficient air circulation or the ESS to support the natural catching movement result in this glove being a technical highlight. The ideal glove for goalkeepers who estimate technical details and prefer a classic reduced design.

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G2 Ultrasoft (Reusch)
Pro Flex™ offers excellent flexibility. Combining specific materials and applying our expertise knowledge of soccer glove technology, we invented the best backhand flexibility for soccer gloves on the market.
3D Thumb Crotch™ - This newly invented rolled crotch construction between thumb and index finger avoids any bothering seams in this highly loaded zone of the glove. The backhand base of flexible and breathable mesh material is rolled to the palm.
AirVentSystem™ is a technically designed concept that provides maximum ventilation inside the glove. A highly breathable Airmesh material covering the entire upper hand and/or the sides of the fingers ensures optimum air circulation within the glove.
Pull Loop - A special feature application on the cuff ensures easy entry also when having moist hands. Pull the loop, slide in and there you go.
Ergonomic Support System ESS - The anatomical shape of the glove and the pre-spreaded fingers make the Ergonomic Support System support a natural catching position.

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