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The 'Flag Series' is an absolute eyecather and high-end product with professional adhesive foam, a perfect fit and a very high wearing comfort.

Cut: Pro Negative Cut - C1
The exclusive cut, which was developed by Benett, ensures a perfect fit and guarantees, compared to conventional negative cuts, higher latex contact with the ball. There is certainly a very good reason why the Benett C1 Pro Negative Cut is said to be one of the best negative cuts worldwide.

Surface: 4mm Contact Supreme
Whether for wet or dry weather. The Contact Supreme adhesive foam is one of the best worldwide. The 4mm thick latex convinces through all weather conditions by guaranteeing a perfect grip and a high impact damping. Especially for wet weather, the Contact Supreme surface guarantees a long-lasting, excellent grip.

Upper Hand: SuperSoft +
The high-quality, very soft Supersoft material on the upper hand ensures a high level of comfort and supports the fit and functionality of your goalkeeper glove.

Bandage: Elastic Bandage by Benett Sports
The fully elastic bandage ensures optimal fixation of the goalkeeper glove on your wrist. The bandage has to be wrapped around your wrist once, giving you a light and not disturbing feeling. Bonus: the bandage is fully customizable.

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4mm Contact Supreme+ (B) - The 4mm thick latex convinces in all weather conditions with a perfect grip and a high impact damping.
Finger Protection
SuperSoft Surface+ (B) - The high-quality, extremely soft super soft material on the upper hand of the T20 Bundesliga ensures a high wearing comfort and supports the fit and flexibility.
Elastic Bandage by Benett Sports - Full-elastic bandage for an optimal fixation of the goalkeeper's glove on the wrist. The bandage is wrapped only once around the wrist and is therefore easy and not disturbing.

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